Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Little Drop of God....

As the sunset on the shortest day of the year, (Winter Solstice, Yule) I pulled up to pick up my little granddrop Sebastian for a sleep over. I call him (and all my grandkids) Grand Drops because of an incident that happened when he was three.... he is now 6 and a half.
For those who don’t know the story, I had been at an Anusara yoga event. When I got home I was sooo full of Shakti (Life Force) and so happy to see Bashi we were seated cross-legged on the floor, Bash in my lap while his mom was nursing Preston (Granddrop #2) on the couch next to me. As I cuddled Bash in my arms, his back to my heart, I could feel waves of Love transmissions passing between our hearts. All of a sudden, he jumps up, looks at me, looks at his mom, and says, “Mommy, where is God?” Off guard and puzzled, she answered something, I don’t even remember what she said. Bash cocked his head and looked at me, and I said, “Sebastian, YOU are a little drop of God!” A big smile ripped across his gorgeous elfin face, and he said, “Oh!” and bounded off to his room.
So, I pick up Bash on the solstice sunset, just after he tested for another belt stripe in karate. When we got in the car, he said, “Bibi, can we go to yoga?” I was a little puzzled. We play yoga on the floor at home, I fly them and play, but he hasn’t been to a kids yoga class since he was four. I told him maybe tomorrow, but there isn’t any kids yoga anymore and he’d have to come with me.
That evening we watched the Fantastic Mr. Fox. A very sweet movie with yummy Tantric themes to keep even me entertained. One of the characters was a cousin who ‘wrapped his legs in a pretzel’ to meditate. Bashi said “Meditation is just thinking thoughts, I can meditate,” and he pops into seated meditation with Chin mudra.… After the movie, I led him through a mini sensory meditation, he loved it. We slept like babies all snuggled up. YUM.
In the morning, he woke up bright like the chunk of stardust he is, ready for yoga. I reminded him we’d be going at 6 pm after the day. We did the grandma things, cleaned up, went for breakfast, picked up his little Lilly cousin and went to the park for a few hours. The day buzzed by on the swings and slides and finally, we dropped Lilly off and headed to Yoga Village.
I had second thoughts about this, after all, sure my friend was teaching, but what about the other students? I told Bash, “Rule, this is a grown up class and if you don’t like it or it is hard you have to just sit quietly and watch, ‘k?” He said, “Okay.” We signed in, removed shoes, and laid down the mats.
He sat down, was focused and attentive to the centering theme, closed his fawnlike eyes, brought his hands together before his amazingly infinite Heart and as a yogi, sang his first formal Anusara invocation three times. The class was influenced Anusara all levels class, and he did the entire thing and did his best. It LIT me UP!
It gave me hope. It gave me hope that all the time I’m out teaching away from my own grandchildren might really be making a difference. Just maybe all the moms, sisters, daughters, sons, brothers, fathers will live in ways that will inspire their little ones to want yoga, to want do the right thing in life and live from and for Goodness. It might just be that kids will grow up knowing they are little Drops of God, knowing we are all connected to each other and our Earth home, knowing that they are worthy of all their wildest dreams. It might just be they will grow up believing they can and will make a difference and know they are empowered co-creators of life, and they might just find ways to live in harmony and make peace in the world and save the planet from our own destructive abuse.
After savasana, the teacher announced the Christmas Eve class and Bash said, “I want to come on Friday, and I want to teach too.” The Little Drop of God receives the Ocean, and the Ocean receives the Drop.
Wishing everyone Gracefilled blessings of Hope, Love and Harmony on these Holy days. The Light is brighter than ever.
Love B & Sebastian