Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Day for Thanks Giving

What if you remembered and lived from the knowing of your nattural state of being that is the state of Grace?

It is the favor of the Universe to express itself as you, in this, the gift of embodiment... you, a radiant Being of luminous conscious stardust. Every moment in life is a grace filled jewel strung together on the silky gift of breath. Awakening to the blessing of living awareness, the yoga, is the invitation to receive everything and everyone with emphatic affirmation, the dark and painful as well as the joyful and happy.

What choice do you have to make in order to hold all of life's experience in deep appreciation? To allow every experience cultivates appreciation, an internal feeling of esteemed value and meaning. Appreciation expands self limiting boundaries with spacious gratitude in your Heart. It creates heart waves of Love that ripple through old walls of disappointment, resentment and bitterness, melting them into loving forgiveness. Allowance and appreciation are tools to glean the vibration of a blessing from any experience.

Offering loving thanks from the infinite well of gratitude takes the internal experience of gracious appreciation outward. As the luminous stardust being you are, to give thanks radiates light beams of loving gratitude as prayer, infinitely shining out into the fabric of time and space. As rays of sunshine pour on all earthly life, all beings benefit from your Light, all of life is enhanced because you have made a conscious choice to give thanks.

Thanks, Love, Gratitude and Grace, all is For Giving. Every day is a day to give thanks. Full of thanks for it all, wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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